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    The Alternative Leisure Service offers personal assistance and respite support to carers in the Lancashire area.


    Alternative Leisure understands that it is important for carers to take regular breaks from their daily caring responsibilities and make time for their own needs.


    Taking a break is vital to our well-being and quality of life.



    Carers taking a break from their caring role can also be a valuable break for the person receiving care and support.


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    Our Commitment

    Setting a high standard of support is one of the most important core-values at Alternative Leisure.


    Individuals have access to a range of community based activities and new experiences.


    Various activities on offer have a person centred approach allowing individuals to maximise their potential within their abilities.


  • Time to relax

    Time to relax

    The pressures of providing full-time care for a loved one is enormous for families and carers.


    Everyone at some time needs to relax and recharge their batteries every now and again.


    Alternative Leisure Service can help carers to have some time away from their caring responsibilities and start to enjoy some free time.


    Having more free-time means that carers can have the opportunity to relax, meetup with friends, enjoy more time with family.

  • Eating out


    Everyone needs friends.


    Having good friends can help to improve many aspects of our life. They can build confidence, provide comfort, joy and strengthening of our health.


    Sometimes friends like to meetup and join in an activity together, whether that’s going out for a meal and drink, playing ten-pin bowling, walking or going to the cinema.


    Alternative Leisure can offer the right support and opportunity to make this happen.

  • Walk


    One of the best ways to maintain good health and well-being is through a physical activity like walking.


    There are plenty of beautiful recreational walk’s in the Lancashire area.


    Stopping for a break on a lovely sunny day and enjoying a picnic sounds a great idea.

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    Local Pub

    Another favourite activity is meeting up at the local pub and enjoying a drink with friends.


    Going to the pub can open opportunities to meet new people and make friends.


    Many of the venue’s in the Lancashire area have live music events and offer a wide range of different genres of music.

  • Cinema

    Going to the Movies

    Going to the Movies and watching the latest big block buster is a great way to spend some leisure time.


    Sharing popcorn with friends while watching a great movie is always a favorite treat.


    There are some great movies to watch all year round.

  • Pool

    Play pool

    Pool is always fun to play with friends and suitable for all ages and abilities.


    Apart from developing competitiveness, playing pool allows participants to engage in healthy competition, improve hand-and-eye coordination skills and communication.


    Develop the ability to faster thinking through decision-making while playing pool.

  • Bowling

    Ten-Pin Bowling

    Ten-Pin Bowling is one of the most popular recreational activities in the UK and is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.


    Bowling has many health benefits, these can include burning calories by exercising the muscles in both the legs and arms.


    Ten-Pin Bowling can be good value for money and a great way socially to be competitive with family members and friends.

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    About Alternative Leisure….

    Alternative Leisure has been designed to meet the needs of individuals who are looking for a low cost quality professional and reliable service.


    Alternative Leisure Personal Assistance and Community Support are qualified in NVQ level 3 Social Care and have been CRB checked.


    Alternative Leisure have worked for a number of years with a range of Lancashire County Council Services. These include Lancaster and Morecambe Day Service, Supported Living Service,

    Morecambe Short Breaks Service and Lancashire County Council Leisure Link Service.


    Alternative Leisure believes in having….


    The right training, having the right qualifications and having the right experience when supporting individuals.

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    Please contact Alternative Leisure for more information regarding available support packages on offer.


    Use the Contact Us tab and leave a message or simply use the following contact details below.


    Tel: 01524 67058 

    Mobile: 07402028428

    Email: info@alternative-leisure.com


Alternative Leisure - “Helping individuals to live their lives